Medieval Wall Tapestry Website Review & Ratings + Medieval Wall Tapestry Coupons
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Medieval Wall Tapestry Website Review & Ratings + Medieval Wall Tapestry Coupons

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Products & Services

Medieval Wall Tapestry is a company that sells tapestrys to decorate the walls of homes and other areas.  Some tapestries come ready to hang with a rod and hanging; others can be framed and hung.  The company features a number of interesting choices and the tapestries come in all sizes. 

Some options include medieval, renaissance, romantic, flowers, kids, nature, religious, ornamentals, holiday designs, ethnic and cityscapes.  Maps are another interesting option and include both world and country maps.  The company will also take photos and other designs and turn them into tapestries to be displayed.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Company Background

Medieval Wall Tapestry is an ecommerce site that sells tapestries to both businesses and the general public.  They have busy store on Ebay which seems to be their main source of sales.  Their website here is fairly new and is building up customers.  The company is located in Denver, Colorado.  Besides selling tapestries, the company will frame and edge plain tapestries for hanging.  A customer can also create his own tapestries through photographs and other types of media. 

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Customer Feedback & Reviews

This company sells most of its products through its Ebay store where they are a power seller.  In the last 12 months, the company has not had any negative reviews and its current customer rating is 100%.  Here are some examples of customer comments:

  • Awesome seller-Tapestry more beautiful than I thought it would be! Thank you!!!
  • Awesome seller-Tapestry more beautiful than I thought it would be! Thank you!!!
  • Everything went very well and it was a great purchase-thx
  • Beautiful tapestry and very fast shipping! Thank you.
  • Good Communication. They were able to customize, too. Thank you!
Medieval Wall Tapestry: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Medieval Wall Tapestry is not a member of the Better Businesss Bureau (BBB) and the company does not have a rating for the business.  The business does not have any awards that I can find listed on their site or elsewhere.  The company is listed in tapestry product lists and seems to sell most of their products through their Ebay store.  The company makes some of its products here in the United States.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Medieval Wall Tapestry is not a popular website and it is not easy find daily view for this site.  Webstatsdomain states that the site has a ranking of about 2 million among the 30 million sites in the world.  I don't see a ranking for the United States.  About 50% of the sites views come from the United States.  The site's current Google Page Rank is 0/10.  There are about 30 sites that link into this website and the website has about 250 views per day.  Alexa has no information on this site.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Social Media Presence

Medieval Wall Tapestry does not have much of a social media presence.  Except for their store on Ebay I cannot find any pages on such sites as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  The website does not have a blog or customer information site, although it does have some links you can go to on the history and making of tapestries.  This is rather different for an ecommerce company these days.  Perhaps their main customers don't go to social networks.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Website Security & Safety

Medieval Wall Tapestry uses the Yahoo! store software to manage their sales.   This software used the latest in SSL technology to encrypt transactions.  The company itself does not sell or use client data.  Yahoo may use this data to give to shipping companies and other companies to send offers to Medieval Wall Tapestry customers.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows that the site has had no issues with malware.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Pricing & Packages

Medieval Wall Tapestry prices seem much lower than other tapestry sites.  Many of these sites range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  I can't really compare the quality with this review, but most customers seem very satisfied with the product and rave about the prices.  Prices start at $10 and up.  A tapestry to fill a wall would run most likely from about $75 to $200.  Here are the range of prices at some other sites:

  • Medieval Wall Tapestry:  $10 to $800
  • All Tapestry: $75 to $400
  • Simply Tapestries:  $100 to $1000
Medieval Wall Tapestry: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is usually done through Federal Express and takes from 7 to 14 days with regular shipping.  Costs range from $8 to $16.  International shipping is more.  Customer service can tell you where the company can ship internationally.  The one exception is tapestries ordered from Europe.  These can take up to three weeks to arrive.  Any stock number beginning with A means the item is shipping from Europe.  Orders over $100 ship for free.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Payment Methods Accepted

Medieval Wall Tapestry accepts a number of payment forms.  A customer can send the company a check or money order to pay for their shipment.  This will delay shipment until the check clears. The company also accepts Paypal for its customers.  Another option is to use credit cards.  The company accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Debit cards can be used if they are connected to a credit card the company accepts.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Medieval Wall Tapestry will refund any product within 30 days of receipt.  The item must be packed in the original wrapping.  The customer must call customer service and obtain a return authorization number and address.  Not all items are returned to the same location.  Items over $250 are subject to a 5% restocking fee.  The company does not refund shipping costs and will include double shipping costs on items that were originallly sent with free shipping if these are returned.  If the item is returned due to a company issue, the company will pay for the shipping and not charge a restocking fee.

Medieval Wall Tapestry: Product images & screenshots
Medieval Wall Tapestry Coupons
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